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Gaping holes

In a shameless hoax, India’s ruling party pushed through a legislation recently that said it was banning child labour in its first paragraph, but actually legalized 90 per cent of the country’s child labour of all ages through a clause in a later paragraph. Section 3 in clause 5 of the Child Labour (Prohibition and […]


A law that allows child labour


The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Act, 2016 suffers from several flaws. At first glance, the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Act, 2016, passed last month in Parliament, seems progressive. It prohibits “the engagement of children in all occupations and of adolescents in hazardous occupations and processes” wherein adolescents refers to those under […]


The victims of superstition across centuries & oceans

Hujrat Khatoon

Yesterday I met a woman labelled as a dayan – a witch – in the village of Balbat in Araria. The village was so remote that people bought petrol in little rum bottles for the scooties and motorcycles that farmers now use. The pump was far away. One of the most sensitive journalists of this […]