English-vinglish: Language & legacy

Shivanand Tiwari (in spectacles) on a cycle rally from Delhi to Guwahati in 1983 against the official use of English

Shivanand ji called this morning. Shivanandji has been to jail five times, twice for protesting the use of English in government work. The slogan was:

” Angrezi mein kaam na hoga/Phir se desh goolam na hoga”

(Work will not be in English/The country’s enslavement must finish).

A recently retired Rajya Sabha MP, Shivanand Tiwari was the student leader who had pullled Lalu Prasad into politics. Shivanand ji had filed a case against the Shankaracharya under the Harijan Atrocities Act. The Shankaracharya had refused to debate the shastras with Rajneesh in a Patna meeting on the grounds that only the “Twice-Born” ie Brahmins had the authority to debate the religious texts. Aryavarta, one of the leading Patna papers, took the side of the Shankaracharya. A young Lalu was enlisted into the Socialist Youth Federation by Shivanandji. His first protests and sloganeering was outside the office of the Aryavarta.[Read full article here]

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