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“Our bodies are not for sale or rent.”

Ruchira Gupta

Let’s together pledge to:

  • Create a world in which no child is bought or sold.

  • Honor the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

  • Advocate for social services and ask all governments to increase investment in the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare, and the social and legal protection for all vulnerable children.

  • Demand children who have been trafficked or sexually exploited be treated as victims of a crime, not as criminals themselves.

  • Seek laws and policies that punish the perpetrator-those who buy and sell human beings and those who profit from their sale.

  • Commit to never employing coerced, cheap or unpaid labor that drives the multi-billion-dollar trade in trafficking.

  • Spread awareness about the artists and writers who seek to tell a more accurate story about the hidden truth of sex and labor trafficking.

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I believe in a world in which no child is bought or sold.

Apne Aap NGO: To End Sex-trafficking

Apne Aap (self-action) works to end sex-trafficking by breaking the cycle of inter-generational prostitution. Its primary tools are education, nutrition, livelihood linkages and legal protection.
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1 Million Meals: Food Justice & Relief

1 Million Meals is a food justice inititaive that began during Covid for women and children trapped in red-light areas, migrant women and refugees. We have distributed more than 20 million meals and continue as the lockdowns still haunt the vulnerable.
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Red Rose: For Peace & Democracy

The Red Rose campaign is a student initiative with the slogan to love and live. It promotes meetings between people who think they are different from each other, with the gift of a rose. It produces pamphlets on peace and democracy.
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Create a world in which no child is bought or sold.

Ruchira Gupta is an Emmy winning journalist and founder of the anti sex trafficking NGO, Apne Aap that helps women and girls exit systems of prostitution. I Kick and I Fly is her debut fiction novel.
Apne Aap
Apne Aap was co-founded by twenty-women from a red-light district in India with a shared vision to create a world in which no child is bought or sold.
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