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The desert changes its mood every hour. The colors change, the sounds change, the animals and birds change…I used to watch a lizard outside my door hop from a rock to a Palo Verde tree with a green trunk and yellow flowers. Then I noticed a tree with a black trunk. It was the mesquite tree with a different petal and a different yellow flower. As I looked, I saw variety and life everywhere.

Even the cacti were different. The swollen one with white flowers and arms reaching into the sky was the saguaro. The fishhook barrel cactus had long blade like leaves closer to the earth, the staghorn cholla cactus had needles, the hedgehog cactus had pink flowers…the more I looked and asked the more I learned.

I was enthralled. I would sit and watch the sky and the mountains-a great soul spirit, a mysterious life force that sheltered all these living beings.

Limited Edition Digital Prints on Hahnemuhle archival paper and acrylic available.

17 in X 21 in

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Ruchira Gupta is an Emmy winning journalist and founder of the anti sex trafficking NGO, Apne Aap that helps women and girls exit systems of prostitution. I Kick and I Fly is her debut fiction novel.
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