Emmy-winning documentarian, author of I Kick and I Fly, founder of NGO Apne Aap, and visiting professor at New York University.
“I believe in a world in which no child is bought or sold.”

I Kick and I Fly

What would you do today, if you had to fight for your life tomorrow?
Fourteen-year-old Heera knows she is living on borrowed time when she is expelled from school. There is no food at home and her father wants to sell her into the sex trade. She has no means to fight back until a woman’s rights advocate enrolls her in her Kung Fu class. Through it, Heera learns that her body isn’t an object to be preyed upon, but a vessel to free herself
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Founded by Ruchira, the NGO Apne Aap empowers women and girls from marginalized communities and nomadic tribes to end intergenerational prostitution. Focus is on keeping girls in school, building their self-confidence, and providing education about their rights.


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